Signed Copes of Elstree Confidential

As part of our programme of publications our Chairman, Paul Welsh, regularly signs copies of his popular book Elstree Confidential.

We also support other authors who have written about the unique local film and TV heritage. For example, in July 2015 we organised a book signing to help launch a new book, Stars and Wars, written by Dr. Alan Tomkins. The signing was held at the Community Centre (96 Shenley Road) and was well attended. Several Stormtroopers from Star Wars were able to drop in and proved a big hit with passers-by on Shenley Road.

We would be happy to arrange similar events to support any author who we select to be an associate member of our publication programme.

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Filming started here at Neptune Studios, Borehamwood

Star Wars

films & the first 3 “Indiana Jones” films were made here

In 2015

the BBC’s “Eastenders” was 30 years old

Film & TV

The Heritage Trail now includes 27 heritage panels