In association with Film & TV studies at the University of Hertfordshire we are building our archive of recorded video interviews with veterans of the local studios. For more information please visit “The Elstree Project”. We also have links with the University’s “Heritage Hub”

We have signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with BEHP, the British Entertainment History Project (previously known as the BECTU History Project).

Other key archive groups are:

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (HALS)

At www.hertsdirect,org/heritage you will find details of the activities which HALS provides for anyone interested in researching local or family history in Hertfordshire.

ALMA-UK (Archives, Libraries and Museums Association)

ALMA-UK is a voluntary cross-nation partnership, dedicated to enhancing the public value of archives, libraries and museums UK-wide. It provides information and support on such activities as Governance and Museum Management, User Services, Visitor Facilities and Collection Management.

NOTE: ALMA-UK was previously known as the MLA (Museums, Libraries and Archives Council)


The purpose of mda is to benefit all those working with collections by providing easy access to quality-assured resources, advice and support on collections management and use. At you will find a summary of the services it provides.