Since 2008 this multi-agency group has been using film and TV images in public spaces to create a more welcoming “First Impression” to Elstree & Borehamwood.   The street banners, the 25+ panels in the Film and TV Heritage Trail, stars in the pavement and the iconic wall sculpture at Elstree & Borehamwood rail station, signage at key gateways to the Town and new public planting at the station and Centenary Place are only some of the results which the continued combined efforts of this group have achieved.

Street Banners

The first banners were installed in 2010 using generic film-based artwork but more were added as we began to secure permission to display iconic film and TV images.

As part of the 2014 celebrations of our centenary of film-making we commissioned a new design. This design has made such an impact and proved so popular that it remains on show, reminding residents and visitors of our proud Centenary.

The Film and TV Heritage Trail

A key element of the work of First Impressions has been the creation of a Film & TV Heritage Trail celebrating the contributions of men and women who have worked at our studios during the past 100 years.

We have put in place heritage panels along the high street, Shenley Road, from the train station up to Elstree Studios and the BBC Elstree Centre, and beyond, as far as the site of MGM British Studios on Elstree Way.

For more information about the Heritage Trail just follow this link.

Stars in the Pavement at the Station

Following a public vote 12 people were chosen to be honoured by having their name included in stars set into the pavement at the train station when it was rebuilt in 20XX as part of the creation of an integrated transport interchange.

Although the design guidelines did not permit us to reproduce the eye-catching pink used for the pavement stars in Hollywood our Elstree stars continue to attract attention of visitors and residents alike and are a great favourite with children at the station.

The Iconic Wall Mural

The only thing believed to be certain about the wall mural was that it “would be defaced within a week”.  Five years later and, fingers crossed, the mural remains untouched.  We believe this is because local residents feel that it represents something very important about the Town, something of which they are proud.

By the nature of First Impressions, the mural was designed by a committee.  However, Scenic Designer Chris Clark and the project’s Chief Designer and former Borehamwood resident, Mike Rollin, added a final level of professionalism.

Cut from iron with lasers, the mural took three days for all the sections to be bolted into place.

Since then it has appeared on local websites and even on national television as a symbol of the contribution which local film crews have made to our unique legacy.

Gateway Signage

The train station is a key gateway into the Town but many visitors arrive by car.  To welcome them, as well as returning residents, we have installed striking signs to replace the more conventional road signage of years past.

The railway bridge between Elstree and Borehamwood (on Allum Lane) is another key gateway, and so we have designed a very special and much larger sign in the reclaimed public space.

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