We strongly recommend a visit to www.elstreestudios.co.uk the web site of  Elstree Film and Television Studios  for comprehensive information about past and present productions. Their list of films is searchable.

www.borehamwoodtimes.co.uk/features Our local newspaper has created a site which contains an extensive collection of articles about our local film history.

You might also like to visit www.localauthoritypublishing.co.uk the most recent guide to Elstree and Borehamwood, published by the Town Council.

For general film information

We work with the www.bfi.org.uk bfi ; you will find us listed here with other groups concerned with film and television heritage.

Interested in Museums and Libraries?

We have working relationships with several key groups and professional organisations concerned with local heritage. These are described here.


In association with Film & TV studies at the University of Hertfordshire we are building our archive of recorded video interviews with veterans of the local studios.  For more information please visit “The Elstree Project”

We also have links with the University’s “Heritage Hub” and have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the British Entertainment History Project (previously known as the BECTU History Project).

You’ll find references to other archive groups here.

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