Earlier in 2016 local teacher Danielle Boudry contacted us to say that “we will be doing a topic based around the film history of Borehamwood, and I was wondering if you knew
of any workshops, speakers, tours or workshops that would be accessible for a Year 3 class (7-8 year olds) to help bring this topic to life and make this topic more exciting!”

Indeed we did, and after meeting with Danielle and her fellow teacher Sara Paratheamby we helped devise a programme of activities including a visit to the train station and a tour
of the local Film and TV Heritage Trail. We also supplied copies of our publications and a few artefacts (even a canister of REAL movie film!)

As Danielle said, “They have thoroughly enjoyed the topic and with your help we have been able to really bring this topic to life and give it some real life context.”

To see examples of the display, pieces of work and presentations which the children have produced just follow the link.

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