MGM British Studios – publicity

MGM British Studios: Hollywood in Hertfordshire may have only just been published but it’s already been featured in Hertfordshire LifeThe Town Crier and The Veteran – it even made two front covers!

We’re expecting reviews in various publications in the coming months and will be sure to share them with you once they’re out.

You can read all of the pieces in the gallery below and then buy your copy here.


  • Posted 14th May 2020 Mike Grant 5:34 am

    Really looking forward to this book….Thanks for all your hard work Paul.

  • Posted 10th January 2021 Francois DESMET 6:46 pm

    hello. I would like order a copy.
    Please could you send me invoice with shipping cost to France. BEST WISHES

    • Posted 10th January 2021 ehadmin 6:55 pm

      Best wishes to you, Francois. It’s easy; just visit the publications section on our website to place an order on-line. I’ve reserved a copy for you.

  • Posted 26th January 2021 Michael Adelman 1:56 pm

    Hi I hope you and all your family friends, neighbours are well and staying safe .
    I wrote to you yesteday and hope you can reply as soon as possible as I wish to purchase a copy of the
    MGM BRITISH STUDIOS BOOK PLEASE and so far have not found the payment section ?

    • Posted 4th February 2021 ehadmin 9:10 am

      The copy you have ordered online is ready for me to post the next time
      I dare leave my house and risk a trip to the post office!

  • Posted 15th February 2021 Keith MacBain 10:53 am

    I’d like to buy a copy of Hollywood in Hertfordshire. Who do I contact? phone or email?
    I can’t see how to buy from this website.

    • Posted 15th February 2021 ehadmin 11:24 am

      If you go to the Publications section and then ask to
      ‘Read More’ on the section for MGM British Studios,
      you will find a PayPal button at the bottom. That’s
      all you need!

      Thanks for your interest in MGM British Studios and
      your support for Elstree Screen Heritage.

      • Posted 16th February 2021 ehadmin 10:42 am

        Your copy of ‘MGM British Studios’ is now packaged up
        and waiting for the next time I break out and risk
        a visit to the post office.

        That should be before the weekend!

  • Posted 19th February 2021 Jackie Marks 5:14 pm

    My mother who is now 98 and worked on the switchboard would love this book.

    • Posted 27th March 2021 ehadmin 8:25 am

      And the 500th Copy of ‘MGM British Studios’ goes to…

      98 year-old Joan Smith, who received her copy as a birthday gift
      from her daughter Jackie Marks. As promised, we refunded the cost
      of this very special purchase.

      But it gets better! Joan Smith was a switchboard operator at MGM
      and one of the last people to leave. She was thrilled to receive
      the book and has been gradually reading through it, greatly enjoying
      the photos.

      It’s already sparked many memories; she has fond memories of
      Petula Clark, while Richard Burton was ‘very rude’ when she didn’t
      answer his call quickly enough. And yes, he did actually say to her
      ‘Don’t you know who you are talking to?’

      Have you ordered YOUR copy yet? We have about 20 in stock before
      we’ll need to reprint again.

  • Posted 25th May 2021 Steve armstrong 6:28 pm

    How do I order this book?

    • Posted 27th May 2021 ehadmin 1:40 pm

      I’ve just found your request in my junk folder!

      To order simply go to the Publications page on our Elstree Screen Heritage website and select more information about ‘MGM British Studios’

      I’ve recently posted that link on the ‘Friends of MGM’ Facebook page.

  • Posted 28th March 2024 Les Sergeant 4:25 pm

    I was privilaged to work at MGM Studios in the late 60’s as a Projectionist and Post Sound Recordist.It was a fantastic experience meeting
    actors whose work was filmed the previous day
    projected by me in the Viewing Theatre so they could see their results. I was there for the closing
    and after being made redundant joined the Police and served as a Forensic Photographer.

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