MGM British Studios – reviews

With more than 250 copies sold around the world in its first three weeks, MGM British Studios: Hollywood in Hertfordshire has become ‘The book a pandemic could not stop!’ and has been an instant hit with its readers – film fans and general audience alike.

Have a look at what early readers are saying and then buy your copy here.


‘A superb book … this history of MGM Borehamwood is an absolute delight. I’m fascinated by the history of this pioneering studio, and for people like me this great volume is a must-have. 

It is crammed full of rare photos and documents relating to the studio, from its very early days though to the final closure in 1970. It does not stop there though, as it also chronicles the years following closure right up to and including today. The photographs that have been pulled together for this are amazing. Even a longstanding fan of the studio such as myself will find themselves surprised and fascinated by the images included here – most of them were completely new to me! 

It’s a really wonderful collection of behind-the-scenes photos from MGM Borehamwood productions, as well as many rare photos of the backlot and studio interiors.

Don’t miss out on this superb book – I can definitely see it becoming a collector’s item in the future! I give it eleven out of ten!’

Mike Grant, founder of MGM (British) Borehamwood Film Studios Memories – a one-stop location for all those who share an interest in this studio.

‘A wonderful collection. So much material!’


‘Great pictures and well-researched.  Also, new things to learn.’

‘Fantastic book! LOADS of pics in here which are entirely new to me.’

‘A truly handsome and magnificent book, beautifully presented.’

‘Delighted to receive my copy.  Excellent publication.’

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