Following his attendance at a screening of From Borehamwood To Hollywood, our centenary film, teacher Tom Remnant invited us to meet his class of Year 5  (9 to 10 years old) pupils.  Born, bred and working in Borehamwood, Tom asked that we stressed the unique local heritage.

We organised three sessions:

  • Presentation to the class, in which Paul Welsh, supported by a selection of projected still photos, described how film and TV had grown locally since 2014.
  • Visit to the train station and tour of the heritage trail, so that pupils could see the stars in the pavement, the images in the booking hall and waiting room, the centenary banners and of course the iconic wall mural. They also took part in a quiz about the heritage panels on their route.
  • Q & A and presentation of awards to the class, so that pupils could quiz Paul Welsh and show him the work they had done following his initial presentation and their visit to the station and tour of the heritage trail.  Everyone then received awards, including their own copy of the Centenary souvenir edition of Town Crier before posing with two very special visitors from “a galaxy far, far away”

As Tom Remnant said,  “My class have really enjoyed meeting you and learning about our town”.

A bonus was to discover that several pupils in the class had fathers or grandfathers who were active in the local studios, making part of a local “Film Family”.

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