Sales and publicity update for MGM British Studios

With over 500 copies sold in the two months since publication, and new orders coming in every day, it’s safe to say that MGM British Studios: Hollywood in Hertfordshire is proving a hit! If you haven’t got one yet, buy your copy now.

The response from readers and critics alike has been fantastic. Following on from the early publicity we’ve already highlighted, the summer edition of The Veteran is now out and features a glowing review. In this quarterly magazine of British film and television veterans, the editor described MGM British Studios as ‘a vivid, down to earth picture of the twenty-five years of its existence as well as detailed descriptions of before and after… It provided me with hours of pleasurable reading.’ Read the full review.

Readers have told us:

‘Love this book! I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in the film world. A great read!’

‘It really is a wonderful piece of work. A labour of love.’

‘It’s stunning. Cheap at twice the price.’

‘A fine read, full of facts and so many illustrations.’

‘A fantastic book with tons of info and stuff I would never have thought existed. An excellent read.’

‘An absolute ‘gem’. I’ve only just started and my enjoyment is already immense.’

‘A glorious record of a bygone time and place.’

‘Well researched. An excellent read.’

‘Packed with often rare photos and many anecdotes.’

‘My children bought me MGM British Studios for Fathers Day. A superb book. I can’t put it down.’

‘A most excellent and enjoyable book. Thrilled with my copy.’

‘We brought your book for our Dad on Fathers day. He said this week he is thrilled with it and has loved it.’

‘Brings back many happy memories of those days as a wide eyed teenager!!’

‘Very interesting and well written. Worth every penny.’

‘What a monster book! Beautifully produced.’

So what are you waiting for? To see what all the fuss is about, buy your copy now.


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