During 2014, the anniversary of the start of film-making in the local studios we filled the Community Museum with an special 3 month long Centenary Exhibition.

Feedback from over 1,700 visitors was positive and encouraging, with many calling for a permanent exhibition to be set up in the Town and dedicated to film and TV.  To read examples of feedback please follow this link.

Museum staff sold books, DVD’s and our new Centenary Badge on our behalf at the Welcome Desk set up in the foyer on Saturdays.

Before the Exhibition opened we met with Museum volunteers to brief them and address any concerns, and afterwards we met with them to discuss lessons learned.

Feedback From Centenary Exhibition:

  • “Very enjoyable. Very informative and friendly”
  • “Timeline fascinating”
  • “Fun time, fun photos”
  • “Brilliant Fantastic Fun Educational Family entertainment”
  • “Really fab! Thank you”
  • “Great exhibition. Very interesting”
  • “Amazeballs. Amazing. Well done. I like the Muppet thing”
  • “Very interesting and very enjoyable. Thank you for the film history”
  • “I love this Museum and I love film and television”
  • “Excellent display of very interesting films – shame the studios are not open to the public!!!”
  • “Excellent.  Space is too small. So much to display; we deserve better”
  • Very good. I hope the collection gets bigger”
  • It was very nostalgic. It brought back lots of memories
  • Excellent exhibit. I’ve finally seen a real OSCAR and BAFTA award!”
  • “A fantastic place to come and remember.Very interesting and inviting”
  • “Love it. Oozes passion for the history we are all so proud of”
  • “You need lots more memorabilia in Borehamwood. Open the Studios to the public”

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